The Right Way To Keep Fire Extinguishers in a Commercial Premise

Fire extinguishers are no less than lifesavers in any commercial setting. But you can’t just mount them anywhere within the premises. Proper placement is essential to ensure they function effectively in the event of a fire. Below we have a comprehensive guide on how to place and maintain fire extinguishers in Derby for your commercial premises. 

Four tips for placing and maintaining fire extinguishers properly

Here, we have shared four tips for properly placing and maintaining fire extinguishers within a commercial property. 

  • Location

Fire extinguishers should be placed in easily accessible locations, strategically positioned throughout your building. They should be readily visible, at least 4 inches off the ground and no higher than 5 feet for most extinguishers (consult specific guidelines for heavier extinguishers). Never block access to a fire extinguisher with furniture, boxes, or other obstacles.

  • The power of Visibility

The extinguishers should be clearly marked with bright red signage that’s easy to identify, even in smoke-filled conditions. Regularly check that signage is free from dust, dirt, or damage that could compromise visibility.

  • Regular Inspections

Monthly visual inspections should be conducted by a designated professional who has received proper training. During these inspections, they will look for any physical damage, leaks, or signs of tampering with the extinguisher.

  • Annual Maintenance

In addition to monthly inspections, the extinguishers may require annual maintenance by a qualified fire protection technician. This professional service ensures the extinguisher is functioning properly and the internal components are in good condition. They also make sure that the extinguishing agent is refilled or replaced if necessary. The technician will also update the maintenance tag with the date of service.

It is highly recommended to seek assistance from a reputable fire protection company to handle annual maintenance and provide training to your staff. Get in touch with Bit 4 Limited. Our professionals have the expertise and experience to ensure your fire extinguishers are in top condition and your employees are prepared to react safely in a fire emergency. We provide quality extinguishers for all sectors. Reach out to us for all your extinguisher-related needs.